Mr John Velos

VCAT Lawyers

Level 6, 326 Williams Street

Melbourne 3000


To Whom It May Concern:

I moved to a house that looked as a dream place on the photos and during the inspection. After moving in, we experienced noise nuisance that had been there for months before we moved in, break-ins, rainwater in the house due to neglected gutter maintenance and letting me transfer the energy meter in my name despite my unit not being separately metered.

Agent’s competence and professionalism were far from acceptable. Frustrated by the experience, I lodged a VCAT application and asked John Velos of VCAT Lawyers for his expert opinion. He assessed the situation and informed me of my chances and explained the VCAT hearing process. John Velos drafted a successful strategy and helped me with preparing my talking points for the hearing.

I felt confident after our meeting. The agent backed off two weeks before the hearing and agreed on early-lease termination without fees, and I got my bond back in full.

I want to thank John Velos and staff at VCAT Lawyers for their service and approach. Thanks to you, I sleep without worrying whether the noise was the house cracking or somebody in the hallway. After moving out, I realized how much the situation affected me. It has been great getting to know John Velos and staff and would recommend your services to everyone.

With best regards

Jiri H.