15th May 2024

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Re:         Velos & Velos Lawyers

Mr John Velos

Recently I required the services of a lawyer to write a new Will for me.  I had an initial consultation with Mr John Velos to discuss my needs with regards to a rather complex will involving personal property and Company issues.

Mr Velos took the time to listen then reply with that legalities we needed to deal with to ensure my assets and companies were correctly covered in the event of my passing.  Mr Velos displayed a level of professionalism rarely seen in this modern day and age.  Information was supplied and thoroughly explained and relevant documentation drawn up and executed promptly.

I have no hesitation in referring and recommending Mr Velos and his firm for any legal requirements.



13 January 2024

I am immensely grateful for Mr. John Velos’ exceptional handling of my recent case.  From our initial consultation to the successful resolution, Mr. John Velos displayed a rare combination of professionalism, expertise, and genuine care.

Mr. John Velos navigated the complexities of my case with precision, offering clear insights and strategic advice.  His excellent communication, prompt responses, and transparent updates kept me well-informed and alleviated the stress associated with legal matters.

In the negotiations, Mr. John Velos’ mastery of the law and persuasive arguments led to a favorable outcome.  His dedication to his clients is evident, and his empathy and support made a challenging process much more manageable.

If you’re in need of a highly skilled, ethical, and compassionate attorney, I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. John Velos.  His exemplary representation exceeded my expectations, and I am grateful for his unwavering commitment to justice.

Thank you, Mr. John Velos, for your outstanding service!

– Anonymous

Civil Law Case

Mr John Velos

Velos and Velos Lawyers

Level 6, 326 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

11 December 2023.

Re:  Testimonial on Civil Matter.

I have been living on the ground floor, in a block of units, for 1 year now. On several occasions, the neighbours from upstairs discarded a barrage of contaminated water and debris over the common area veranda walkway, landing into my front courtyard and causing damage, as well as in my accompanying neighbours’ front courtyards too.

I contacted the owner’s corporation director, and she treated it as if it was insignificant, she just gave me excuses. This distressed me.

I called the police, but they said it was a civil matter requiring going through VCAT and they were unable to help me.

I also called a local lawyer’s firm, but they did not offer me any assistance.

No one was helping me. Very distressed by now, I decided to contact Velos and Velos Lawyers.

John Velos of Velos and Velos Lawyers supported me straight away. John listened to me and was very compassionate to my situation. He patiently watched my video evidence and agreed it was inappropriate behaviour from the neighbours and agreed that the director did not take my complaint seriously enough.

John immediately sent correspondence to the director of the owner’s corporation and to the neighbours involved, on my behalf.

Through the help of John’s correspondence, the owner’s corporation started to take my complaint seriously. With the guidance and support of John I submitted a formal complaint form to the owner’s corporation and sent photo evidence.

John liaised with the owner’s corporation, on my behalf, because I found the director too difficult to deal with. As a result, the owners corporation held a grievance meeting straight away, with the committee members. The matter was promptly resolved, with the owner’s corporation sending correspondence to all lot owners stating that this behaviour was totally unacceptable and in breach of the owner’s corporation rules.

John advised me and guided me throughout this very distressing time. He was always there for me, every time I contacted him, he was very prompt, accommodating, and professional. I am very pleased with John and all staff members at Velos and Velos Lawyers.

I highly recommend John Velos of Velos and Velos Lawyers for anyone wishing to take on civil matters like this one. John also offered me assistance if I have any more problems with the director of the owner’s corporation or neighbours in the future.

Kind Regards



Mr John Velos

Velos & Velos Lawyers

Level 6, 326 William Street, Melbourne Vic 3000


10th November 2023.


We highly recommend John Velos of Velos & Velos Lawyers,

My partner and I recently contacted John Velos from Velos & Velos Lawyers and he was able to provide expertise advice over the phone.  His approach was very friendly in nature.

The matter was regarding the rectification of poor workmanship on a body corporate building.  He provided us with sound advice forward in relation to the Owners Corporation Committee and Contractor who completed the job.

John was very responsive and calm, he showed compassion towards the ongoing issue. His expertise and knowledge provided us with invaluable advice to navigate the way forward for a positive outcome.


Thank you, John, much appreciate your time and expertise.


Anthony and Meaghan.

Owners Corporation Matter

8 September 2023


“My son and I needed help and it is difficult when it is on the other side of the world Denmark – Melbourne but it became easy with help from John Velos from Velos & Velos Lawyers in Melbourne – by telephone or e-mail it was easy – The very best in Wills and Estates – really, really professional – always quick to answer and always legal signed documents – never any doubts and I highly recommend Velos & Velos Lawyers for any kind of help. I Thank Them very much for helping my son and I”.


“Min søn og jeg havde brug for hjælp, og det er svært, når det er på den anden side af jorden Danmark – Melbourne, men det blev nemt med hjælp fra John Velos fra Velos & Velos Advokater i Melbourne – på telefon eller e-mail var det nemt – Det allerbedste inden for testamenter og dødsboer – virkelig, virkelig professionel – altid hurtige til at svare og altid juridisk underskrevne dokumenter – aldrig nogen tvivl, og jeg anbefaler stærkt Velos & Velos Advokater for enhver form for hjælp. Jeg takker dem meget for at hjælpe min søn og jeg”.

Wills & Estates

8 May 2023

Ok listen to what I say, Ive known John Velos & Velos Law Firm on a professional advice level, leasing and negotiation for contracts VCAT.. Let me tell you his Incredible law firm is just amazing. He understands the true nature of leasing matters and is highly qualified with the highest standards of professionalism and service. But don’t let that be the only option for anyone that needs professional law advice.

Mr John Velos, has a reputation for being a compassionate, understanding and more so a true advocate and ambassador for peoples rights in various categories of law. He has helped me in matters with rental disputes in post covid-19 related contracts with our previous landlord.

The Greek definition Velos , meaning Arrow, and that is true to the word, Straight as an Arrow, and that’s what you’ll find when dealing with him, Straight to the point, sharp and accurate advice.

It’s My professional privilege to endorse this remarkable Australian Law firm. when professional advice and support is paramount. Velos &Velos Lawyers remember the name and the firm, you won’t find better.

Sincere Regards and Gratitude
A. V. R. 2nd

Commercial Law/Property Law

14 September, 2020

Mr John Velos

Barrister and Solicitor

Velos & Velos Lawyers

Level 6, 326 William Street

Melbourne VIC 3000




The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude.

be kind, but not weak;

Be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy;

be humble, but not timid;

Be proud, but not arrogant; have humour, but without folly.


It is my observation: you lead the way by personal example and by personal philosophy.

I admire the manner in which you represent your profession and deliver advice.


Sir P. B v W.

John Velos Highly RecommendedSir P. B v W



Re:  Legal Services of John Velos

Recently Mr J. Velos prepared a will for me.

He was clear, and concise, giving me the best advice, available for my requests and needs as well as meeting all my requirements.

He is, a true professional.

I am very grateful for the time he and his wonderful staff gave me, and take this opportunity to thank him.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Velos to anyone, regardless of the legal advice that they may need.

Sincerely yours,

Kara V.

Legal Services of John VelosKara V - Legal Services of John Velos



Velos & Velos Lawyers

Level 6/326 William Street

Melbourne – 3000

To Whomsoever It May Concern

We would like to a say a big thank you to Mr. John Velos for helping us with the most complicated case of ours. Our issue of removal of caveats from our property was lingering since ages ,we went to

so many lawyers across Melbourne regarding our issue but they were not able to resolve it.

We came to know of Velos & Velos through google and had a meeting with Mr .John Velos regarding our issue. I found Mr. John very knowledgeable and professional with his services. He explained

every step in detail and always assured us they are in safe hand.

Our matter was handled with at most attention by Mr. John Velos and his team ,it was solved in a timely manner without any delays.

I will always recommend Mr. John Velos to any of my friends & family if they need his service in future.

Mr. John keep up the good Work.


Abdul S.

Civil Property MatterAbdul S - Civil Property Matter

23-June 2022

Mr John Velos

L6 326 William St,

Melbourne VIC 3000

RE: Thanks for your efforts in providing my teenage son support from large Corporate Predators


I would like to thank you for your assistance in a matter which I cannot believe would exist in this day and age.

For my teenage son coming home from school in uniform being hit by a car and being flung in the air after disembarking a bus and being taken to hospital in an ambulance is truly a traumatic life event.  His leg was totally smashed and had rods put in and as a result had major infections to the bone and was in a serious situation.  He had months of multiple hospital stays and was lucky not to have life long issues or be deceased.

When he got home he was met with a letter demanding a $15,000 payment from the insurance company, which never provided a basis for the fault which we demanded.  What is even worst was that our investigations with another panel beater found that the repair was excessive for the type of accident and panel damage that was incurred.

Our son was heart broken and in a state of panic, constantly getting calls in a harassing manner demanding he pay or they would take him (a minor) to court, even though he had no job, income or assets.

My Family and I Thank you for standing up to Major Corporation trying to take advantage in a very immoral opportunistic way, against a young boy already affected by a horrible incident.

Thanks Again for Being on Our side.


Siang T.

Civil MatterSiang T - Civil Matter