Civil Lawyers can assist you to apply to VCAT to appoint a guardian, appoint an administrator, cancel these appointments or assist on matters of Powers of Attorney. Furthermore we can assist you with:

Guardianship and Administration

These matters include:

• appointment of a guardian or administrator
• advise on reassessment or cancellation of the appointment of a guardian or administrator
• assist in having an interstate appointment of a guardian or administrator (or equivalent) recognised in Victoria
• advise on consent issues relating to special medical procedures being carried out on a person with a disability who is incapable of giving their own consent
• assist in appointing an administrator for a missing person.

Powers of Attorney

VCAT decides on matters concerning enduring powers of attorney or supportive attorney appointments. Civil Lawyers can assist you in these matters by:

• advising on suspension, cancellation or varying an appointment
• advising on if an appointment is valid
• advising on determining the liability of attorneys
• providing of advise on resolve disputes between attorneys
• advising on compensation for loss caused if an enduring attorney does not comply with the Powers of Attorney Act 2014
• advising on whether a transaction by an attorney is valid.

• advising and completing enduring powers of attorney
• advising and completing supportive attorney appointment.

Medical enduring power of attorney

A person who was given the power to make medical decisions on behalf of someone else was previously called a medical agent. This person is now called a medical treatment decision maker under the Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act 2016.

Civil Lawyers can provide expert advice and assist you on all these issues Call us now.

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