8 May 2023

Ok listen to what I say, Ive known John Velos & Velos Law Firm on a professional advice level, leasing and negotiation for contracts VCAT.. Let me tell you his Incredible law firm is just amazing. He understands the true nature of leasing matters and is highly qualified with the highest standards of professionalism and service. But don’t let that be the only option for anyone that needs professional law advice.

Mr John Velos, has a reputation for being a compassionate, understanding and more so a true advocate and ambassador for peoples rights in various categories of law. He has helped me in matters with rental disputes in post covid-19 related contracts with our previous landlord.

The Greek definition Velos , meaning Arrow, and that is true to the word, Straight as an Arrow, and that’s what you’ll find when dealing with him, Straight to the point, sharp and accurate advice.

It’s My professional privilege to endorse this remarkable Australian Law firm. when professional advice and support is paramount. Velos &Velos Lawyers remember the name and the firm, you won’t find better.

Sincere Regards and Gratitude
A. V. R. 2nd