To Mr John Velos

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr John Velos for not only winning my tragic case but for his carrying honest and professional conduct.

I was cruelly condemned by Department of Justice to destitution when department revoked my working with children check without conviction, without any criminal record. I was simply cruelly misjudged for having a mental illness as department put a stigma on me that I am emotionally unstable and must be prohibited to carry on my employment and career that I had successfully and steadily created over 22 years. The department of Justice decided my and my children’s fate by prohibiting me to earn income and taking away my beloved career that I glowingly succeeded in for many years. I was taken away our livelihood and we were facing to be homeless. Before Mr Velos I had a lawyer who ripped me off, took my money but ran away from my case not willing to fight for me. I then found Mr Velos who took on my case.

During my horror and tormenting ordeal Mr Velos supported me and even counseled me by encouraging my spirit to act normal and stay rational. He was encouraging me to be wise and mentoring me how to live and act wisely so I don’t fall down and don’t get in trouble with governments and law.

It was very beneficial for me because I have learnt few techniques from him which I now try my best to apply in life day today situation. I have learnt to listen and speak little and control my emotions because Mer Velos showed me how inability to control emotions may result in misery and tragedies.

During my ordeal Mr Velos was very honest. He charged me precisely according to the written contract. This was his integrity that stranded out. Before I had a lawyer who charged me more than what he promised to me and my husband and no contract was made. But Mr Velos was very honest and professional. Mr Velos was informing me of every single step and progress made towards my case. All procedures were thoroughly documented and sent to me every time they were made

He went out of his way by being present at my count hearing with a great barrister that he has selected for me. Mr Velos had a broken foot and was hardly walking but he still managed to come to my hearing and this is a real man. He could stay home because he is not young and sick but he did not sit on the couch Instead he rushed to my side and was by my side in the court hardly walking. He showed a heart and altruism. He was recommended to me by a few Russian people whose lives he saved. I would recommend My Velos for difficult cases as I know he is powerful, very powerful. I thank him from the bottom of my tortured soul as he brought into my life back my livelihood and peace.

Warm regards,

Olya M