23-June 2022

Mr John Velos

L6 326 William St,

Melbourne VIC 3000

RE: Thanks for your efforts in providing my teenage son support from large Corporate Predators


I would like to thank you for your assistance in a matter which I cannot believe would exist in this day and age.

For my teenage son coming home from school in uniform being hit by a car and being flung in the air after disembarking a bus and being taken to hospital in an ambulance is truly a traumatic life event.  His leg was totally smashed and had rods put in and as a result had major infections to the bone and was in a serious situation.  He had months of multiple hospital stays and was lucky not to have life long issues or be deceased.

When he got home he was met with a letter demanding a $15,000 payment from the insurance company, which never provided a basis for the fault which we demanded.  What is even worst was that our investigations with another panel beater found that the repair was excessive for the type of accident and panel damage that was incurred.

Our son was heart broken and in a state of panic, constantly getting calls in a harassing manner demanding he pay or they would take him (a minor) to court, even though he had no job, income or assets.

My Family and I Thank you for standing up to Major Corporation trying to take advantage in a very immoral opportunistic way, against a young boy already affected by a horrible incident.

Thanks Again for Being on Our side.


Siang T.