15th April, 2019.


Our son had been hit by a motor car which sent him to hospital and his racing bicycle to the scrap metal dealer! The lady driver said she had been blinded by the sun. We could get nowhere with her or her insurers.

We engaged Mr John Velos and within a few weeks he achieved an outstanding result far beyond our expectations. He had assembled a detailed case and with multiple thrusts directed at the insurance company,

finally received a wonderful result which was about double what we had hoped for!

We congratulate Mr Velos and his team for a very professional, efficient and sympathetic process which was always realistic. He was cautious and considered in everything and has a great eye for detail. He also knows his

law very thoroughly which enables him to recommend realistic options and outcomes.

Formerly a lawyer myself, I have been engaging lawyers for fifty years and I am pleased to record that I would rank John’s performance as second to none in our experience. We will recommend him to anyone and have been delighted with his work.

Yours sincerely

Warwick F. LL.B., M.B.A.