10 October 2019

Mr John Velos

Level 6, 326 William Street

Melbourne VIC 3000


To Whom it may concern

I wish to highly recommend Mr Velos for his legal services.

In early April of this year I contacted Mr Velos after obtaining a free referral from the Victorian Law Institute after discussing our distressing situation, whereby we had civil litigation proceedings issued for a mistake by an agent we engaged and were being sued by a litigious party. We were innocent on all levels and had little time or knowledge of how to address this state of events as we were booked to go overseas in a few days with little room for cancellation at short notice. Mr Velos quickly grasped our predicament and expertly looked after our legal problem with prompt contact from then on until our legal matter was finally finished and settled.

Our agent and our plaintiff both in time proved to be unethical, avaricious and foolish and drew out the whole process. Mr Velos and team worked hard to get the best possible outcome for us, sheltering us from greater stress, inconvenience and cost, by not going to court.

Our legal costs were higher than we anticipated but reasonable given the outcome. We have learnt the hard way from this situation to obtain good advice from Mr Velos before embarking on another hazardous endeavor and wish him and his team the best.

Yours sincerely,