27 September 2022

Dear Mr Velos

We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful help you have given to our nephew and niece.  Through inexperience, they had got themselves into a terrible financial mess and into the quagmire of bankruptcy.  We did not know how to help them, and they and their three young children were being threatened with homelessness.

The lawyer that was recommended by the Trustee was useless and still demanding payment for achieving nothing.  We were all floundering and did not know who to trust until we found you.

Your integrity, your meticulous and prompt attention to detail and your expert, patient, and compassionate assistance have sustained us all through a long protracted negotiation and we are all so grateful to have had you to shepherd us through the complex and daunting process of annulment of the bankruptcy.

Your constant communication with us all at each step of the way has been so reassuring.

Thank you for everything from us all.

We hereby recommend Mr John Velos of Velos & Velos Lawyers completely.

A & M B.