Mr John Velos

Velos and Velos Lawyers

Level 6, 326 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

11 December 2023.

Re:  Testimonial on Civil Matter.

I have been living on the ground floor, in a block of units, for 1 year now. On several occasions, the neighbours from upstairs discarded a barrage of contaminated water and debris over the common area veranda walkway, landing into my front courtyard and causing damage, as well as in my accompanying neighbours’ front courtyards too.

I contacted the owner’s corporation director, and she treated it as if it was insignificant, she just gave me excuses. This distressed me.

I called the police, but they said it was a civil matter requiring going through VCAT and they were unable to help me.

I also called a local lawyer’s firm, but they did not offer me any assistance.

No one was helping me. Very distressed by now, I decided to contact Velos and Velos Lawyers.

John Velos of Velos and Velos Lawyers supported me straight away. John listened to me and was very compassionate to my situation. He patiently watched my video evidence and agreed it was inappropriate behaviour from the neighbours and agreed that the director did not take my complaint seriously enough.

John immediately sent correspondence to the director of the owner’s corporation and to the neighbours involved, on my behalf.

Through the help of John’s correspondence, the owner’s corporation started to take my complaint seriously. With the guidance and support of John I submitted a formal complaint form to the owner’s corporation and sent photo evidence.

John liaised with the owner’s corporation, on my behalf, because I found the director too difficult to deal with. As a result, the owners corporation held a grievance meeting straight away, with the committee members. The matter was promptly resolved, with the owner’s corporation sending correspondence to all lot owners stating that this behaviour was totally unacceptable and in breach of the owner’s corporation rules.

John advised me and guided me throughout this very distressing time. He was always there for me, every time I contacted him, he was very prompt, accommodating, and professional. I am very pleased with John and all staff members at Velos and Velos Lawyers.

I highly recommend John Velos of Velos and Velos Lawyers for anyone wishing to take on civil matters like this one. John also offered me assistance if I have any more problems with the director of the owner’s corporation or neighbours in the future.

Kind Regards